International Business Administration

7 Signs to see if your company is ready to cross borders

One of the future goals that all entrepreneurs want, is the internationalization of their brand. And is that, crossing borders and opening new markets is considered, within the business world, as a successful move, it is also a great achievement that motivates and challenges the most of those who enjoy challenging themselves.

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administración de empresas

Basic but essential tips in business administration

The administration of companies is a science both social and economic that seeks to obtain the greatest benefit possible for a company or entity according to the objectives that these pursue through the organization, planning, direction and control.

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Política laboral

What are labor policies and when to apply them in a startup

The concept of labour policy refers to the different norms or laws in force that affect, positively or negatively, the work environment in a country. Each company has its own labor policies, but always governed by the laws of the state in which it operates. In addition, they depend on work schedules, permits and holidays, which indicates that these dictate the time we are going to be inside the office.

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