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What are labor policies and when to apply them in a startup

The concept of labour policy refers to the different norms or laws in force that affect, positively or negatively, the work environment in a country. Each company has its own labor policies, but always governed by the laws of the state in which it operates. In addition, they depend on work schedules, permits and holidays, which indicates that these dictate the time we are going to be inside the office.

When an entrepreneurship project is launched, it is extremely important to have a good labour policy because they give freedom to employees who will then be employment with loyalty and productivity. But why talk about “liberties” when it comes to following the rules? Because these should go hand-in, and contrary to what you might think a few decades ago, work is not only about being enslaved on a desk for more than 7 hours, it is a win-win relationship where all points are clear for both sides.


From large companies to startup


It is common to add importance to the operational process of a startup and forget to define the business policies of the company, especially now under the organizational models imposed by the millennial generation. However, this tool was created to solve a problem that will eventually come when the company grows.


To define how it is going to operate, what are the acceptable limits on patterns of conduct within the company and the safety regulations among others, these are aspects that will be of great help when you add more and more collaborators to your company, with different lifestyles that can generate friction with each other and create a work environment that is not favorable. These regulations, as well as state laws, aim to generate a point of equilibrium to define what is allowed and what is definitely not, so they can eventually become weight reasons to generate justified claim by the workers.


This becomes the most mature, professional and responsible option to prevent or control negative situations within the company that can compromise the harmony of the equipment and hence its labor productivity. So it can be an excellent idea to take some time to analyze it and propose ideas that will ultimately be attached to the philosophy of its start-up.


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