cómo motivar a tus empleados

How to motivate your employees: tips for the entrepreneur

Over the years I have learned that the greatest asset of a company is not money, but human talent. We achieve even the unthinkable when working with a group of people motivated and committed to the company. I reiterate: Motivation is fundamental to the success of a company and even more when it is in its initial stage, not only because it makes employees even more proactive, but also because it creates a pleasant work environment, which is a great advantage to take better care of the business and give all of ourselves. But how can we motivate our employees?

The first step to take when motivating the employees of a company is to analyze closely the position held by each person, to inquire into their professional experience, tastes and aptitudes. This can be discarded when one of them is not happy or able to face the position that is exercising.

When seeking to motivate employees, it is essential that they be given the recognition they deserve. A fundamental advice is that on the day of their birthday you make it feel special, cut a cake, invite lunch. Also congratulate your employees when they complete a task ahead of schedule or do something very well.

The working relationship cannot be built just inside the office, share more with them outside of it, organize a weekend a day of yoga and healthy breakfasts, let them know that your well-being is important to you.

As you give, in the same measure you want to receive. To keep your employees motivated you should talk a lot with them, tell them what you expect them to achieve by your hand, what results you expect to get from them, so they will know what their role is in the company.

In conclusion, when you’re “the boss” often they will see you as the ogre of the office and it is not the same to be afraid of feeling respect. Mutual respect is a key piece of the business puzzle and will result in more empowered, more committed and more proactive employees.

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