Humanize the deal in the company

When you have a company, it is necessary to know that the most important thing is not your economic benefit, but the level of professionalism that you have when looking for excellence in what is being done, and this depends very much on the professionals that are chosen for each task and in turn, in the general state of health that they have, Why? Because a healthy person in all their senses, either physical, mental, spiritual and social, is probably happier.

The employees of our company must have a balance in these 4 mentioned aspects because that is exactly what will lead us to efficacy, efficiency, commitment and belonging in the tasks assigned to it daily.

Humanizing our company is about being able to contribute something valuable to the lives of our employees, beyond the work and professional level. It’s not about retaining talent without purpose but rather that you care about what’s going on in their lives and help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals through your company.

There are 5 key characteristics so that it can be said that a company has humanized its dealings with employees and these are:

* Culture. It is important to put the company in the employee’s veins, and this is achieved through the customs and traditions that are implanted in the organization in order to develop collaboration and brotherhood within the company.

*Empathy. It refers to a person’s ability to identify with another and share their feelings. And this is not possible unless you know very well your employees, from their tastes and interests to their dreams and ambitions.

*Aspiration. It is necessary to give aspirations to the employees as these allow them to dream about their future and build a hope, which will lead them to fight for what they want.

*Moral. All companies must have principles and values ​​that allow them to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, from the highest to the lowest position, since this is the direct way to generate trust in their entire environment.

*Creativity. At present, creativity plays an important role, and this not only refers to the design of the spaces, but also the way in which the employees are treated, how they are able to get them out of the routine and give them constant changes that do not drop in their comfort zone.

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