In a public ceremony held on the beaches of Cedeño, in the department of Choluteca, it was carried out the launch of Project Nesting Semi-Artificial Olive Ridley Turtle period 2016, for eight consecutive years has been coordinated by the Verification Commission Environmental Control and the Gulf of Fonseca (CVC-Golf) and supported by the company Lufussa, from Luz y Fuerza Group (GLF), which begins with the declaration of closure period of the Olive Ridley Turtle level Gulf of Fonseca.

For 25 consecutive days the collection of turtle eggs are prohibited for the locals commercialization purposes, most of whom are involved in the preservation plan that takes place in organized camps for this purpose is prohibited in communities of Punta Raton, Boca de Rio Viejo, Cedeño, Carretales and Punta Condega, located in the municipality of Marcovia, Choluteca.

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