For the third consecutive year, the Choluteca city residents enjoyed the supreme sport activity that takes place every year in southern Honduras in November: The Color Marathon, organized by Lufussa, a company founded by the Brothers Schucry, Luis and Eduardo Kafie.

1,350 people of all ages and genders, coming from Choluteca and other cities of the country, registered to participate in this unique marathon whose purpose is not really to win or break records, but to collaborate with a noble cause. The main objective of the Color Marathon is that all participants have a great time that everyone can enjoys the water and the diversity of the colored powders.  That they can leave behind the daily routine and put above all the stress through the combination of dances with different rhythms and by the hand of good exercises. It is not a timed race since it does not reward categories or first or second places. It’s just about having fun.

After touring a circuit of 5K, the runners receive the expected colorful bath to the rhythm of the music.

Every year Lufussa organizes this competition with the objective of raising funds that are donated in its entirety to a charity in the area. The first year, in 2014, 150 thousand lempiras were delivered to the Hospital del Sur and in the second edition 2015 a donation of 175 thousand lempiras was made to the School for the Blind “Enrique Elizalde”. This year, the funds raised will be used to help again the Hospital del Sur, which urges medicines and supplies to serve thousands of patients arriving from all over southern Honduras.

Luis Kafie, founder of Lufussa, said: “There are many ways to help people in need, and this marathon is one of them, where more than a thousand people this time have had the opportunity to make a small contribution that means a lot, besides spending a moment of relaxation with the whole family. We will continue to support the Hospital del Sur and other institutions that require the support of all.”

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