responsabilidad social empresarial

Corporate social responsibility for new brands

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that aims to go beyond studying the conduct of business. It seeks to analyse both the company’s image in society and its role in the social, economic and environmental fields.

Currently, CSR is considered as the new way of doing business and this is because it integrates in its perspective the concern and respect for people, by the communities and also by the environment, emphasizing the ethical values of the company regardless of the market in which it works or its size.


Personally, I assume corporate social responsibility as a commitment that allows me to work for a common good for the citizens of my country, so that it becomes a link to connect employees to the community and to the community with the company. It is the most effective and friendly way to give back to the community the acceptance and success obtained, in addition allows one way or another to leave a footprint of awareness on various topics that affect us as a nation. It is a two-way process that establishes a win-win relationship with the community that builds strong and enduring ties.


Although there are many advantages offered by corporate social responsibility, these include:


* Motivates and involves employees

* Improves the relationship of the company with the community and vice versa

* It is the best publicity that can be given to the company for two reasons: it is free and it is a way to earn the recognition and respect of the consumers.

* Manages to give a good impression to both consumers and opinion leaders

* Allows greater performance in the financial area.

* The quality of the products or services offered is improved.

* Production costs are reduced thanks to the control exerted on this.

* Motivates you to create new and better products or services based on the sustainability of these.


Today, companies ceased to be seen only as fundamental agents in the financial cycle, where salaried jobs were created and through this the taxes were formed, to go further, and if one wants to have more prominence in the society, because now they are oriented towards the social welfare, leaving aside the economic interest.


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